AC/DC 5V converter for project - Looking to shrink my project

My last project; I took an ATT phone charger apart and used the converter, Wemos D-1 Mini and a relay to make a switched "smart" outlet. I control it with Home-Assistant via Mosquitto MQTT protocol over WiFi.

Is there a smaller "JUST AS RELIABLE" way of converting the power to 5V? I would like to shrink the footprint of the project.

Thanks ?

Hard to say if something is "smaller" without any form of reference.

septillion: ?

This was perfect. Received it about a week ago. Validated the output this weekend. Puts out a solid 5V DC.

Definitely smaller. About 1inch by 1 1/2. I've already wired it into my next project and ready to order more.


I would choose these encapsulated versions:

Good to know. I'm going to have to purchase 1 just to check it out. Reliable vendor as well. I've purchased 100+ items from them without problems.


Remember, AliExpress is not a single vendor.

Those HLK-PM01 are great as well. Little less powerful but very cool :slight_smile:

I have used the encapsulated units in repair work, PLEASE put a fuse on the AC side, just for the supply module.

Tom... :slight_smile:

I had also thought that for compact mains power projects, it would be good to have a compact ready made module which incorporates a power supply, relay and fuse with as much as possible of the mains side shielded or encapsulated, but with exposed screw connection terminals.
This is what i had to do (for a time switch project) because no such module exists (yet).

I ideally a PCB with one of these supplies should have isolation slots cut into them.

About 3/4 of the way down the page.

Tom.. :slight_smile: