AC motor controller

I m making a project where in I need to control the movement of an AC motor. The arrangement is remote controlled where on the press of a remote button (approx 2-3 km dist) the motor is to rotate certain degrees in clockwise direction and then stop. On press of second remote button the motor is to rotate to come to the original position ie it Will have to rotate same revs in the anti clockwise direction. Can some one pls help with the type of arduino cct and remote controller. I m new to arduino..... Thanks

Is this a school project or has it a practical application ? With school projects, you can't normally change the requirements and an "AC" motor looks rather odd here.

Anyway, For long range data transmission with an arduino, google for "Arduino Lora" For precisely controllable motors, google for "Arduino stepper motor"

Maybe a servo is of better use for this project - those you can just tell to move to a certain position and then move back (usually they have a range of 180°, half a rotation).

I’ve never heard of AC motors with this kind of control.

I m new to arduino.

Before starting a complex project like this one, work your way through the introductory projects that come with the Arduino software.

Learn to blink an LED, read a button, a voltage or the temperature, control a servo. That way you learn the language and special features of the Arduino.

If you don't, expect endless frustration.