AC Servo/ 340VDC 3phase motor


I’m new to this forum and working with Arduino.

I need to make a Control circuit for Juki Ac Servo motor, it’s noted 450W 5000r/min , 280-340VDC 3phase, 3.0Arms, and I need Drive it using Arduino UNO.

thank you…

Post a link to the industrial motor controller you will be using.

Or are you going to roll your own using a 3-phase bridge like this:

yes, I want to make a driver for it with using suitable IGBT or any..these kind of motor are comes with Juki sawing machine DDL-9000 --( or

thank you

Presumably it is a standard permanent magnet rotor design?

Have you done any servo control loop coding before?

yes, It is standard permanent magnet rotor design. I have experience with mini servo motors, but I haven't previous experience industrial Servo Motors.

thank you.

Do you have an idea of how to approach 3-phase driving?

No… I haven’t previous experience in 3 phase drive.