accelerometer as a sensor noise

Ciao, i'm new in forum 'n with arduino. I have a project I want to create a measurement system for guitar soundboards. At first I thought to excite the soundboard with a sound box and pick the answer with a microphone. Then I came across the Clio system ( and saw that there is a much more reliable than the classic microphone transducer, sensitive to the environment. Audiomatica provides pressure sensors, accelerometers, to carry out noise measurements. The concept is always to excite the soundboard with a sound box, but use an accelerometer to acquire the data: the method should be infallible from the point of view of interference, but from the economical point of view, unfortunately it is less ... I find myself an Arduino board into the tray (used for a college test) and I wanted to ask if anyone thinks it is feasible to build an open source and cost (including the cost of sensors such as accelerometers and possibly what type of accelerometer use) Thanks all for attention :)

I'm not quite sure what your trying to to, but ill give it my best shot. If you just want to pick out the response of the sound, you can use a low cost piezoelectric transducer, something like this:

its like a low cost, very sensitive microphone. I've seen them be used as door knock sensors

Hum afaik accelerometers aren't fast to respond to a stimulus, i'm not even sure they will see a vibration at hundreds of hertz.

you can use a low cost piezoelectric transducer


@ Young_Maker: i’ve a semi-professional microphone (akg-414) but the real problem are the acoustic interferences with environment. When i excite the soundboard with loudspeakers there are all the reflected waves and the microphone didn’t discern that, so to microphone arrived many waves but i don’t know which come from soundboard (the response to excitation). With accelerometer all this problem disappear and it read the signal without any interferences. For this reason i want to use it and maybe i find a cheaper one: ACH-01 (, what do you think? Is it configurable with arduino?

@ overdrivr: i think exist accelerometer that will see a vibration under hundreds of hertz, maybe more expensive and difficult to find; in this period i search a system for loudspeaker’s measure (i hope to adapt it to my system) and i think that accelerometer have to read that frequency…i hope…