Accelerometer-driven Bright LED Project (For electric skateboard)

The intention is to wire everything up with duct tape and arrange it underneath and around my electric skateboard so that the LED strip glows red on stopping and green on acceleration, with a resting colour of white or blue or whatever (I'll program that easily, I'm a software engineer).

However, I'm in Australia, and I'm using Little Bird Electronics to try and buy everything ( Because I'm not an electrical engineer everything is super confusing because to me it's not entirely clear what's compatible with each other, when or why or how I'd need a certain capacitor or transistor, and no clear way forward on what bits I need other than following some potentially dangerous or incomplete instructions that will fry my Arduino.

So, these are the list of things I'd like:

  • A nice fat battery
  • Super bright LEDs
  • Waterproof LEDs
  • Approx. 2.5 metres worth of LEDs

And these are the parts recommended to me by Little Bird Electronics:

The biggest problem I identify with that parts list is A) I have no idea if they will work together B) I feel like it'll be quite dim and C) I have no idea what other bits and pieces I would need are, and how they fit together.

I think a far bigger battery would fix the LED brightness issue, but I'm super worried it'd fry the Arduino:

I feel like something like the drone lipo battery would be ideal because I could use the small wires to power the Arduino and the heavy ones for the LEDs, but again I'm worried that this might even fry the LEDs?

I guess I need a lot of help, and maybe I need too much. I think I might only need a list of all the bits and pieces I would need and could figure things out myself. E.g. if you told me that to connect the accelerometer I would need X and Y to modulate the current before it can be connected, or that there is a transistor for each of the wires for the LED thing, or that I just need to follow X or Y guide and just change one or two things I would be fine. The hard part is knowing what I don't know or don't know I need to know.

So yeah, sorry for such a large post, hopefully I get some ideas from this...