Adafruit and LEDS


I bought this board, a Pca9685 and it drives my 16 servos ok.

Now, I know I can use it for driving LEDS. I guess that varying PWM I can make control brightness.

Will it work with bi-color LEDS? (Bi-color LEDS: "One type consists of two dies connected to the same two leads antiparallel to each other. Current flow in one direction emits one color, and current in the opposite direction emits the other color. The other type consists of two dies with separate leads for both dies and another lead for common anode or cathode, so that they can be controlled independently.")

Is there any example on how to control LEDS with this driver?


2-pin bi-coloured LEDs need to be connected between two output ports.
One that sinks while the other one sources.
The PCA9685 can sink 12mA, but is not made for sourcing current (4mA max).
Better find another chip for that.

It will work with the common anode type of bi-colour LEDs. I have used red / green giving orange when both on as well as red / blue giving purple when both on.