adafruit fx audio mini sound board 2mb

hello guys im new with adafruit fx mini sound board. I just want to ask on how to trigger a sound file on my mini sound board using an arduino. because i can't understand the instruction from the their website. i just put a single file on my sound board and want to trigger it whenever my sound sensor detects a 5 seconds sounds/noise. thank you for helping me out. I already have the code for my sensor which triggers a LED. i just want to add a warning system using a sound board.

Have you already tested the soundboard independently of the Arduino? ie. Put the (appropriately named) sound file on it and pull the corresponding trigger pin to GND with a jumper.

If that is working, then you need to connect the trigger pin to the Arduino. I think that the trigger pins may well be 3.3V logic, so I would advise setting the Arduino pin as INPUT (no pull-up) for the untriggered state, and then trigger by changing the pin mode to OUTPUT (LOW) for the trigger pulse duration (about 125ms). Setting the Arduino pin to HIGH might damage the soundboard, so avoid it just to be safe.

hello sir arduarn thank you for helping me out just a question. for my arduino and soundboard i just have to connect the ground to ground of arduino and sound board. and any pins from arduino to any pins of sound board is that right?.. i mean for example i have T01.ogg file inside my sound board i just have to connect the ground of both arduino and sound board then pin 10 of arduino to pin 1 of sound board is that right? thank you so much for helping me on my project.

You'll need to connect the grounds. You'll also need to supply the soundboard's Vin with the required 3-5V - it may or may not be safe to use the Arduino's 5V output for this, at your own risk, power it separately if you can. And finally yes, you will need to connect a trigger pin to an Arduino digital pin.