Adafruit HUZZAH32 - ESP32 Feather

New to the forum.

I just finally switched from an ESP8255 LUA to an ESP32 which I will try to program in C++.

While Adafruit had a great pin-out reference sheet for the 8255 they don’t seem have to have one for
the Adafruit HUZZAH32 - ESP32 Feather.
(I guess they run over budget with the 3D animation of the board).

Since I am new to this, I made my own, which might help somebody here. (I could not find one anywhere).

It’s not complete, but rather the way I intend to use the chip for 99% of my projects.
If I run out of pins, I will have to read up…

There is also an inconsistency in their documentation about A4: input only or not… I will find out.