Adafruit matrix portal m4 + two displays (6464) issue


I am using Adafruit matrix portal m4 with arduino .
i have plexed two displays(6464) using a flex cable .
I am using the the double text scroll sketch example from the protomatter library and trying to achieve it on a (128
32) display .

observations :-

the display works at a resolution of (12864) but i am not able to run it on (12832) .
The led matrix seems to be un initiated from rows 16-32 and 48-64 . for the following rows no led seems to glow .

I have the following configurations :-

uint8_t addrPins[] = {17, 18, 19, 20,21};

Adafruit_Protomatter matrix(
  64, 4, 1, rgbPins, 5, addrPins, clockPin, latchPin, oePin, false);

kindly advise on this . thanks

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