Adafruit PN532 Shield - Sony FeliCa card

I'm using the Adafruit NFC/PN532 shield with a UNO R3. It works fine using the I2C library from Adafruit which is for the Mifare NFC tags. However, I want to change the .cpp code so that the PN532 will talk to the (Sony) Felica card. (Tag type 3). I have studied the Sony FeliCa specs and user guide but I'm unsure whether the PN532 will need to be reprogrammed to send and receive both frames and packets or just packets to query the FeliCa card. (All I want to do is read the card ID).

Anybody out there with PN532 S/W knowledge ?

hi, i worked a bit on the PN532 library to enable reading of FeliCa type card ID's; it is not very complicated but takes a bit of digging into the PN532 user manual. details on my blog Lantau kilowatt counter: Reading Octopus card ID's (FeliCa) with the PN532 NFC