Adafruit TFT FeatherWing 3.5 draw to slowly with NANO 33 BLE Sense

Hello everyone, I have created an adapter to use the shields for adafruit feather boards with the new arduino nano.

I am testing with this screen and with the NANO 33 IoT (SAMD21 & ESP82), it works very well, but with the NANO 33 BLE Sense (NRF52840), all the examples are drawn very slowly on the screen, I have tried to modify the Adafruit_HX8357library, without any success.

// AND CAN BE FURTHER EXPANDED (e.g. add 12 MHz for M0, 24 for M4),
//Define Arduino Nano 33 BLE Board “ARDUINO_ARCH_NRF52840”
#if defined (ARDUINO_ARCH_ARC32)
#define SPI_DEFAULT_FREQ 16000000
#elif defined (AVR) || defined(TEENSYDUINO)
#define SPI_DEFAULT_FREQ 8000000
#elif defined(ESP8266) || defined (ARDUINO_MAXIM)
#define SPI_DEFAULT_FREQ 16000000
#elif defined(ESP32)
#define SPI_DEFAULT_FREQ 24000000
#elif defined(RASPI)
#define SPI_DEFAULT_FREQ 24000000
#elif defined(ARDUINO_ARCH_NRF52840)
#define SPI_DEFAULT_FREQ 24000000
#define SPI_DEFAULT_FREQ 24000000 ///< The default SPI frequency

I have discovered that the default board runs at 4 MHZ (HardwareSPI.h),

// Default speed set to 4MHz, SPI mode set to MODE 0 and Bit order set to MSB first.
SPISettings() { init_AlwaysInline(4000000, MSBFIRST, SPI_MODE0); }

Could someone help me?

Dear hulkco,

could you find a solution at the end?
I am having a similar issue with my Nano BLE 33 sense and a 1.8" TFT Color Display ST7735 128x160. It runs correctly, but it is incredibly slow compared to when it is connected a old Nano or Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega...

Hello Lorenzo, an argument about the delay, I still can't solve it, I found in github, even Japanese that this has implemented a version of the "Arduino GFX" library, but I have had problems using it, I leave you the link, greetings.

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