Adding multiple MAX7219 Dot Matrixes to snake game

I've been running this snake game on my Arduino mega using 1 MAX7219 8x8 led dot matrix, however im trying to add 4 MAX7219 matrixes (8x32) to the game to give it a larger display, but when i plug them in it only shows the 8x8 game repeated on all 4 matrixes. I've looked through the code and tried changing the game board size from 8 * 8 to 8 * 32 but nothing changes. Can someone help with where in the code i need to change this. I plan to eventually use 8 matrixes (16x32) to display to game.

The code is too large to add however the source is here

This line in the code

LedControl matrix(Pin::DIN, Pin::CLK, Pin::CS, 1);

is telling the LedControl library that there is just one matrix module. You need to change the '1' to whatever you have.

Having given this code a quick review, I think you will have other problems withe the scalability of the playing field.

You may be interested in some work I did in the past MD_MAXPanel Library Movie - YouTube (code and library are referenced in the video).