Addohms on Youtube hit 10k subscribers.

One of our members here (not me) makes the Addohms channel on Youtube with lots of helpful hardware lessons for educating hardware limited minds (like mine).

He has now passed 10,000 subscribers, and I've been one for for months, the shows are good!

It's not all basics so even experienced hands might find some interesting. I wonder just what a USB on-the-go cable is? I'll be watching that next to see how make my own.

Anyway I thought that maybe linking to those would help new people and Addohms at the same time.

He's announced an upcoming DVD episode collection. I wonder what format they will be and the price?

I watched the one about MOSFETs, very helpful.

The stuff about temperatures was useful, my eyes tend to skim over parts of the datasheet I don't understand.

Nice production values too, they must take a while to make.

And on that channel is the closest thing to a forum helper's anthem we have.

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Great work! But, they already knew the stuff was good :art:

Subscribed to addOhms! I'm not a hardware guy and this is helpful.

LarryD: Great work! But, they already knew the stuff was good :art:

I think it's a good link for people who want to do projects with hardware but don't know electricity.

I learned more about using voltage drops working my way through voltage dividers and FETs. That took a few watches, pausings and making notes to slow it down to my speed, but I got it!

I'd like a DVD of AVI's or FLV's more than a TV/DVD, especially if the files came with notes and exercises perhaps in html form? That would play on anything that plays html and DVD drive. I'd pay more for a read-only microSD or USB stick version.