Advanced 3 Door - Doorbell Announcer

Hi All,
I’m very new to the forums and the Arduino platform, however am a practiced engineer looking to get into the hobby. Thus the entry level project I want to undertake.

I want to be able to play three different sounds (.wav or mp3) over an 8ohm (or similar) speaker based on which doorbell button was pressed. The programming in C looks simple enough after I troubleshoot the buttons and debouncing. The issue I’m having is which MP3/.WAV shield to purchase… the one from sparkfun doesn’t have built in amplification… and the others look to be kits I have to solder together! Has anyone else built a project like this? Any particular shield have a better library of code (to help in the programming)?

I found a commercially available product that has all the functions I am looking for (plus some added capabilities). It’s called the Large Home Automator (model DYB2200) made by BCS Ideas for $185.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

and the others look to be kits I have to solder together!

It ain't rocket science. Hold the end of the soldering iron with the cord. The other end gets HOT!

I am well aware and have done plenty of it! A solution that lets me spend more time learning the Arduino platform and less time soldering would be ideal (however if that's the way I need to go, so be it).

Check out this project I made a while back with a WAV shield. I did have to solder the shield together, but it didn't take very long. Also note the sound was loud enough for my purposes and I did not need to amplify it.


I bought the wave shield and plan on using it for the doorbell. I may need some help with the shield library (I have seen a lot of people claiming to have issues with the code). Hopefully I won't need to amplify the sound, but the ability is there if need be.

Thanks for the help!