After Installing ZIP Library With Examples, Blank Pick List Label

This evening I installed the Pixy2 library in the original 1.8.13 and it installed fine and under File > Examples > Pixy2 shows up with all the examples listed for Pixy2 under 'Examples From Custom Libraries'. All worked as expected.

I installed the latest Pixy2 library in the 2.0 Beta 3. The library worked just fine but the examples included for the Pixy2 showed up above 'Examples From Custom Libraries' and 'sort of included' with examples for UNO and the label was blank. Clicking on the Blank line brought up the names of all the Pixy2 Examples. In Beta 4 the result is the same.

I have attached a screen shot. This could be just the Pixy library but it worked fine in the 1.18.X, however there are other examples from somewhere else, probably from some other library I installed.

(In Beta 4 still get the Git not found and work space error)

2021-03-18 19_02_13-.png

2021-03-18 19_02_13-.png

Hi @johnjces. Thanks for your detailed report. This is a known bug that affects the legacy format (AKA "1.0") libraries that don't have a metadata file. The issue in the bug tracker is here:

Hopefully it will be fixed in one of the upcoming releases of Arduino IDE 2.x.


Thank-you so much for your quick and courteous replies! That is awesome!!! I just hope that I am reporting something that hasn't been reported!!


You're welcome. I'm always glad when I can be of some assistance.

Don't be too concerned about reporting things here that have already been reported. In the case of formal bug reports on GitHub, we should have a bit of care to check for existing reports first so that the developers who dwell there can spend their time working the magic that benefits all Arduino users so much rather than on janitorial duties.

But the forum is a place for free ranging discussion. Some of that might end up being refined into valuable bug reports or feature requests on GitHub in the end, but even if it only helps someone along in their journey with Arduino that's plenty enough.

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