After market cases supporting Arduino and LED matrix

I want to build a simple gift that incorporates an LED matrix (32x8) display driven by an Arduino. Does anyone know of off the shelf cases to package it?

What size are we talking about?

The LED matrix is a pretty standard 8x32 (Size: 12.8 cm X width 3.2 cm X height 1.3 cm.) display driven by an Uno R3. I suppose I could drive it with another version if that fits better.

One of these?

I use an ESP-01 with its adapter. Nice and compact, fits at the end or behind the matrix, plugs directly into a USB "phone charger"

]](USB to ESP8266 ESP-01 Serial Wireless Wifi Development Adapter Module | eBay)
For just the display, it fits in a section of electrical ducting without the cover, but I would not call this a neat approach. :grinning: