Air RIde project new to Arduino

Hi there Arduino world, let me just first thank you for your time in reading :slight_smile:

i’m brand new to arduino and have been going through the tutorials and it has been a lot of fun…

i have just a few questions though now that i’m trying to actually put into motion what my goals are.

Just 1 thing for now as i’m sure i might need help with other components in future:

i need to understand how i can link my Vu4 accuair manifold to my arduino…source power will be coming from the car battery 12V then linked in to a relay shield which i think i can use a 4 relay shield? i would use 8 but there all out of them at the store i’m buying it at…i’m not sure from this point how i use the wiring harness from the manifold to the relay shield the pic below will show the wiring harness set up and i have a sheet that tells me what colour wire roles are…
with arduino code i would just call it relayPin 1 etc… and have it select on off as digitalWrite?..the manifold is a 4 solenoid block controlling 8 valves so i’m not sure if the one relay controlling 1 solenioid operates 2 valves? or if i have to opt for 8 relays to command 8 valves… at this point in my project i’m trying to understand this fundamental before i move on to controllers like touch pad and Key FOB which are more relatively straight forward

any help will be appreciated thanks again :slight_smile:

no need for relays. the V4 takes 12VDC ?

you can use a MOSFET. the power over an amp, so you need something beefy.

bring power to the solenoid, then from the solenoid to the FET, then bring that to ground. that is an N channel. goes between the device and ground. if you want to switch power into the solenoid, you would need to us a P channel.

make sure the FET has an L in the model for low voltage, ie: 5 volts, to drive it.

excellent this is what i was looking for thanks so much