all pins eaten up by LCD - help needed

Hi dudes,

I recently got my hands on one of the UTFT supported LCD Displays,
the Display itself is working pretty well, but I have one mayor problem:

Can I haz more I/O plz? D:

The Display is eating up exactly every possible pin on my UNO but the display for itself
isnt quite usefull.

There is one option that I think how it would work:

Is it possible to acces the controlling pins (as I hope they are not as timing critical as the data pins)
via an shift register to free up some pins?

Greetings from Germany

number Johnny 5:



What display it is ?
How is it connected ?
What are you trying to display ?
Pure text ?
Graphics ?
Or both ?
How many more pins do you need ?

I would say go for a larger Arduino, but you'd have to give some more info.

oh, sorry, my fault.

It is an

3,2" "Model HY32D"
320x240 pixel
SSD1289 controller
with 16bit parallel interface

Its connected with
RST; CS; WR; RS to analog in 2 to 5
Data 0 to 15 at the Digital pins 0 to 13 and analog in 0 and 1

Actually I am displaying the demo of the UTFT library, which uses
text and graphics as I would like to use too later





-_- Short Circuit is my favorite movie, and he says "Malfunction, need input."

Wow, I just sounded like a nerd.

Have you used up all your analog input pins? They can also be used as digital input or output pins.


You can supply the Data pins via shift register - might require a libary change to use say SPI pins D10-11-13 to load the shift register (2 of them daisy chained) before the control lines are manipulated.

Im a bit afraight of the timing, but I will take a look into the
library for using shift register, thankfully I have some shift registers lying

I'll keep you updated whats happened then :slight_smile:

thanks for the infos.