almost ready to use example-codes stepper-motors coordinated move with bresenham

Hi everybody,

initiated through a thread posted by user muggs I did a search for Arcuino C++-code that can drive two stepper-motors coordinated using the bresenham-algorithm.

Of course google had a lot of hits releated to the bresenham-algorithm.
written in Lua, or especcially for teensy, drawing lines on a screen with pixels, etc, etc, etc.

just the calculation


and finally I came across this Github-repo which seems to have almost ready to use example-codes

including a simple GCode-parser but the stepper-pulse-creation is missing in some of the examples.

user bluebladefish has a repository for 2D-CNC with a servo that switches a laser on/off

This code is for use in combination with ULN2003 linedrivers.
If bipolar stepper-motors are driven from such a driver the code must take care about all details
how to switch on/off plus/minus the four stepper-motor-wires.
For use with step-dir-drivers like A4988 or DRV8825 the functions for step-creation must be modofied

I'm working on this but need some more time to do real tests.

Still I'm wondering why there aren't more examples-codes of simple CNC 2D-Axis controllers using the bresenham algorithm

best regards Stefan