Altering code for wiper motor

I was looking for code to drive wiper motor with a potentiometer attached to it in such a manner that pot would give position feedback to board where it stands

My search end to this sweet code written by AS motion Lab

byte motor_p1 = 4;
byte motor_p2 = 5;
byte pwmPin = 6;
int currentAngle;
int requiredAngle;
int errorAmount;
int remappedErrorAmount;
byte acceptableError = 4; //for smoothing

void setup()
  pinMode(motor_p1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(motor_p2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(pwmPin, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  if (currentAngle<requiredAngle){
    digitalWrite(motor_p1, HIGH);                      
    digitalWrite(motor_p2, LOW);
  } if (currentAngle>requiredAngle){
    digitalWrite(motor_p1, LOW);                      
    digitalWrite(motor_p2, HIGH);
 void calculateErrorAmount(int currentAngle,int requiredAngle){
  remappedErrorAmount=map(errorAmount, 0, 1000, 0, 255);
  if (remappedErrorAmount<acceptableError){
void readAndConditionAngle() {
  currentAngle = analogRead(0);
  if (currentAngle<200){
  } if (currentAngle>800) {

void readAndConditionRequiredAngle() {
  requiredAngle = analogRead(1);
  if (requiredAngle<200){
  } if (requiredAngle>800) {

I found a small error and corrected minor was no PWM to make motor move.

remappedErrorAmount=map(errorAmount, 0, 1000, 0, 255);


remappedErrorAmount=map(errorAmount, 0, 1000, 240, 255);

as there was no PWM to make motor move.

Everything is good in this code except that now I want to make some modifications and instead input by potentiometer (requiredAngle) I want to give input by temperature.

I intend to install wiper motor over a valve which would turn valve on / off or proportionate by temperature. If temperature is high it would open valve to full and like wise.

I used to be good programmer a year ago but haven’t touch my board and forgot most of it.
Would appreciate if someone could guide me how to modify code to perform such action
Temperature sensor would be DS18S20


The potentiometer gives a range of readings from 0 to 1023 that you use in the map() call.

The thermometer will give you a range of temperatures from some minimum to some maximum that you would use in the map() call.

I don't see what the issue is.