Alternative to dht11

Hello, I'm starting with Arduino and my teacher is asking for a humidity sensor, but he absolutely wants us to work on Tinkercad for schematics, and there is no humidity sensor in this software. So, how could I replace the sensor ? I am working with an Arduino UNO and I can use all other components available like temperature sensor, gas sensor, servomotor, potentiometer, resistor...

Ask your teacher, that is what they are paid for.

So, how could I replace the sensor ?

I'm not clear about what you're actually asking. Do you mean you need to be told what models of humidity sensors exist, other than dht11, so you can dig around in Tinkercad (whatever that is) to try find one? Or do you mean that since TC doesn't have a humidity sensor, but you need to measure humidity, you need advice on how else to measure humidity other than with a humidity sensor?

Does Tinkercad have temperature sensors of some kind? If so, you could use two temperature sensors to measure humidity, using the wet bulb/dry bulb technique.

I have never used Tinkercad but I am sure you can make your own components. Find the datasheet and pinout of the DHT11 and create one. So long as you are not expected to run a simulation this should be fine.