Alternative to (no) solder 0.1mm copper wire

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I have LEDS soldered to 0.1mm copper wire. I would like to find a solution to be able to connect said copper wire to the arduino but with no solder. for bigger wire i'd go with dupont wire but with such a thin wire I'm not sure what my options are !


good old wrapping ?

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Male header pins.

Wire wrapping got us to the moon and still worked 50 years later. It's a solid solution and safe for almost any age group.

Yes !

Apollo Guidance Computer's backplane

you can find many other pictures online ➜ Apollo Guidance Computer: Dipstiks and reverse engineering the core rope simulator

I recognize that picture.
That's from the restoration project. A fantastic use of many hours to watch the entire thing.

Thank you all for your replies. If it was for me I don't mind solder / wire wrapping, but I intend on selling my project to people who do not necessary have that kind of skills.
Could screw shield for pcb be an option ? (insert the copper wire inside the screw shield then using a screw tighten it ?)

Sure, but you'll have to solder the screw terminals to the PCB so you're kind of back at the beginning.

Wonderful ! The idea is for the customer not to have to solder but for me that's not a problem ! So i'll just solder the screw terminal and the customer only have a plug and play type of connection: works for me !

EDIT: I'm using a 36 AWG wire (0.12mm) which is too small i'm afraid for screw terminal ....

Switch to pluggable jumpers.

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