Alternative To Pivot Table For Visualizing Sensor Data

I'm working on a project where I am using an Adafruit Feather 'Adalogger' to collect data from various sensors, over time. Relatively large amounts of datapoints- a sample rate of ~15Hz over a duration of about 8 hours, at a minimum.

The data is written in comma delimited format and imported into excel where I visualize the data as line graphs.

Excel doesn't seem well suited to handle the amount of data I'll get in a typical test. Navigating the chart and the data table is cumbersome at this scale. It's difficult to find the time (X axis) for any given data point on Y. The charts often fail to update correctly when I change the data fields I want to display.

Is there a better (preferably opensource/free) way to handle this task?

15 Hz over 8 hours means 15 * 3600 * 8 = 432000 datapoints.

Well this is a lot. And then you are interested in every single datapoint?

How about reducing the huge number of datapoints?

Would using a single datapoint each minute be an option?
Would using the maximum / minimum within one minute be an option?

How about dividing your 8 hour one file that has all-the-hundread-thousands-of-datapoints-file into smaller but multiple files?

Do you really have to jump quickly between record-time 0:02:30,5 to 7:59:40,8 ?

I don't know a ready to use software that is better suited. One idea I have is to code your own visualisation in Delphi. There you could define a "canvas" of a size that can has a with of 432.000 pixel so each pixel will represent a single datapoint.

best regards Stefan

i've used xgraph for graphically analyzing data. it's for looking at data, not creating a nice image for documentation

i would use awk to reformat captured data for xgraph

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Eventually I will work on reducing sample rate for the sake of power consumption, but for now I'd like as much data/resolution as possible for validating my methods later on. I'll check out Delphi

Promising. I'll check it out- thanks for the recommendation

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