Alternatives to Vin-Gnd?

So I may or may not have accidentally blown my voltage regulator on my arduino nano. No lights come on when I use my 9V battery anymore, though I did notice after some testing with a multi-meter that there was a connection between the Vin and Gnd pin. Even with that connection I cannot seem to get the LEDs to light up when using those pins. Is there any way I could possibly revive the voltage regulator? I need a quick solution to use it or to somehow allow my nano to control 5 servos with easy to get parts (bit of a time budget here...). So are there any alternatives to allowing 9V to power the controller rather than having to use the Vin? I am not opposed to soldering components onto the actual board, I just need to be able to use it. If there is something that clocks out after a certain amount of time being over stressed thatis fine. I just need to be able to power and use the chip for approximately 30 minutes (if that is only with the 9V and I could still program and use with a USB without a time limit that would be fantastic).

Cheers and many thanks to those that reply! :D

Side note: if anything in this post is hard to understand please tell me. I am in a bit of a panicked state and my mind is usually quite scrambled when in said state. Sorry for that. Also if this is in the wrong category, apologies for that as well.

It is not possible to power 5 servo motors from the Arduino 5V pin. It is not even okay to power a single servo motor from the 5V pin. I know that there are examples that do that, but it is not okay.

A normal 9V battery is almost never strong enough to power an Arduino board.

If you don't use the 9V or Vin or the power jack, and disconnect everything from the Arduino board, will it run with the USB cable ? Can you for example make the led blink ? If that is working, you could use a USB power supply (a regulated 5V usb charger or so), and use a seperate strong 5V power supply for the servo motors. Be sure to connect the GND of the Arduino to the GND of the servo motors.

Hey, Peter!

I can make the board run with nothing attached through the USB. Sadly there is no power jack on the Arduino nano (at least on the one I have). So what you are saying about powering with both the USB cable and with a common ground from a separate 5V source, I wouldn't need to supply power from the external 5V? Would I then just be able to use the 9V? or would I still need the voltage regulator for that? Sorry for the questions, just trying to wrap my head around this.

If that all would work, could I just leave my circuit the way it is (everything is connected to the Vin and the Gnd so the common is there and the Vin is not working so I can just leave it there with no interference) and power it like that? just add a USB cable?

Thanks for the reply!

Arduino Nano :o sorry, you wrote that but I didn't read it. It doesn't have a power jack, but VIN is (almost) the same.

I don't know what else is damaged on your Nano board, so I don't know if it can be powered in an other way. If you can make it work with only a USB cable connected, it is running at 5V, but I'm not sure that is fine. Are you sure that VIN can not be used ? Perhaps a capacitor is blown, and the voltage regulator is still okay. If a capacitor is blown and/or the voltage regulator is damaged, there might be current going through the damaged component. Even if it seems to be running fine.

Perhaps nothting is broken, and your 9V battery is empty. Do you have another power source of 7.5 to 9V to connect to VIN ? It hase been asked before on this forum if something might be broken, and only the 9V battery was empty.

If you can't use VIN anymore, you have to use a voltage regulator with 5V output (power the Nano via the usb connector or to the 5V pin) or use a power supply of 5V.

A normal 9V battery can not be used for a servo motor. A normal 9V battery can supply maybe 100mA, and a servo motor needs 500mA to 1A. For 5 servo motors, you need a 5V power supply of at least 3A.

If you can fix the voltage regulator, the 5V pin of the Arduino Nano can not be used for a servo motor. It can't supply enough current.

I hope this is not getting more confusing... :confused: Could you do some tests with an other power supply of 7.5 to 9V to VIN ? Or check the board for damaged components. For example the light-brown components on the bottom. Those are the capacitors. If you don't use VIN, and power it with 5V, could you make a drawing how to power the Nano board and servo motors ? Or make a photo of your project.

Are Vin and Gnd shorted? What is the resistance between them?

Take a look for diode D1 on your Nano. It is part of the automatic use of USB or Vin power and my experience is that it's not hard to do something stupid or careless that fries it. Drawing too much current from the 5V pin is one of them. It's also not too hard to replace (or substitute even with a thru-hole Schottkey). (This applies to the original Nano 3.0 design and copies thereof, it may not apply to other Nano lookalikes that don't necessarily use that design in all details.) Ciao, Lenny

Hey! Thanks to everyone who helped! I used the 9V source with the USB and magically, it worked! The board tends to get hot but I'm not overly concerned with that. Cheers and many thanks! :)

Did you connect 9V to the USB connector ? Please don't do that. There is no magic involved when powering an Arduino board. It has to be reliable, solid and good.

oh so that is why mine friki'n desoldered itself!