amplifier help

hey everybody,

I've been posting around because I'm having some trouble with a project. My project is to read raindrops with a piezo buzzer element, but I need to amplify the signal. I got some TI OPA2228 op-amps, which were suggested to me, but somebody on another post mentioned that it isn't good with the Arduino ADC because it only reaches 3v.

where do I find a 5v op-amp, or what do I search for. Reading the spec sheets for the 2228, it seemed like the voltage output range was much higher, because it said VS = ±5V to ±15V

I'm an electronics newb, but I've been thrown into this project and need to figure it out. Does anybody have any amplifier advice?

The OPA353 might be a better choice if you only have +5V for a supply voltage.

If you have +/-12V or +/-15V supply voltages, the OPA2228 would be good.

Here, this guy made a good model. here is his circuit, a Potentiometer in there wouldn't hurt. :P

MilkyWay: where do I find a 5v op-amp