Amplifier input selection control

I have an amplifier I built some time ago which is to undergo a renovation. I want to add a digital volume control and display along with selection inputs.
I am at the input design stage and would like to get some input from other fellow hobbyists. I will be controlling all the digital side by an Arduino and have purchased a TDA1029 signal source switch. My goal is to have push button on the front display which switch between CD, Phone, Tuner, Aux.
Looking at the data sheet I see the selection inputs are made as follows.
No connection – input 1 selected
13 pin to ground – input 2 selected
12 pin to ground – input 3 selected
11 pin to ground – input 4 selected
My question is, if I connect these pins to the Arduino pin outs then I can easily give them a ground output to select the required input. But if not a ground then I can only provide a logic 1 HIGH but the data sheet just says not connected. Has anyone used these with the Arduino and would this work.

Hope this made sense

I hate those datasheet trafficking sites.

I did not know this was a tracking link. The below link if from my google drive. If this works please let me know and I will change the above link

Data file attached.

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TDA1029.pdf (239 KB)

Thanks Tom, I thought the file would be to large to upload to the forum. i have removed the link