Android + Arduino + DTMF + Some other Alternative


Does anyone know that is there any other alternative for DTMF. What I want to do is that when I press the button through my Android Phone (using some app), a particular tone is send to the microcontroller where is it identified by the Arduino so that it can perform the particular function for the particular tone/Signal.

Right now, I am using DTMF as an intermediate between Android phone and Arduino. But as per my experiences, I don't find DTMF reliable, plus it is very slow.

So guys please answer if you know any other alternative for the DTMF. It would be highly useful for my Project.

Thank you Guys !!!

Tell us what you wanna achieve, not how you wanna do it technically. All I understand is you wanna send some information from the Android to the Arduino and DTMF is not a good solution (to what I agree). What information is sent and why? What constraints does your project have and why?

Using Bluetooth is good way to communicate. I use and Linvor HC-05 module to exchange information between Android phone and Arduino.

I have attached the screenshot of my Android app. In this what I am doing is that whenever I press any button, it will send the corresponding DTMF tone from Android Phone from its Audio port to the Arduino board via DTMF decoder where is particular function is performed by the Arduino when it receives the decoded DTMF from the DTMF decoder...

But with the use of DTMF, It is introducing a considerable amount of delay which is not required. Also DTMF decoder is not always reliable.

What I am asking is that do I have any alternative for DTMF. Also remember, cost is also the factor. I have used DTMF because it is very cheap (less than 1$ for DTMF IC)