Android bluetooth fitness game controller for Google Cardboard / Dive VR

Hi guys,

I got a new project to make a pretty unconventional fitness game controller for android.

The ideea is the following: using the Android VR technology (Cardboard or Dive) it was pretty simple to create a basic game (3d world to walk around) using Unity3D and Dive SDK.

I want to use this and make a fitness app which will be controlled by running on a treadmill (or using a workout bike). Something like the old Nintendo Wii and the running game from Sports. Or a game like Temple Run, in which running the treadmill faster, gets you faster in the game.

For this I would like to create a game controller which records the leg movements, direction, body position, etc. which would then influence the actions in the game. A lot of detals I still need to work out.

So the question is, does anybody know of a guide or tutorial on how to create a game controller like this, using an Arduino (or only the Atmega, it has to be small to carry while running) a bluetooth module (which would you suggest?), and all the body sensors.

I would like to be able to record more then a conventional controller does (more than just up, down, left, right, etc) that's why I would like to build one and not buy one and break it apart and hack into it. That, and for kicks ;-)

Best regards, Felix

no one? :(

Maybe I can help you?

Now I'm creating a fitness app. Here's a design concept |500x375