Any GPS+GSM shield for Arduino nano


i am a new and beginner to arduino.

after lot of searching and findings, i found there is a GPS+GSM modules for arduino board. but i didnt found good one for arduino nano board.

please help me to my project (creating small GPS tracker using SMS) with arduino nano.

any help appreciated.

Thank you

Are you looking specifically for a shield i.e. something that can mount directly on the Nano? If so, it's possible to get a shield adapter that converts a Nano to a standard UNO pin layout so that you can use the standard format shields. If you don't specifically want a shield you could try something like the SM5100B from Sparkfun, which is a separate module you'd need to wire up to the Nano. I haven't used it myself but it looks like the sort of thing you're after.

hi, thanks for the reply.

actually, i want to create smallest GPS tracker. i have no any specific module selected. also, im looking for GPS+GSM module. or if you guys have any smaller design with two separate GPS and GSM models with codings, that also really appreciate.

if it is directly pluggable, that would be the best.


HackerGK: actually, i want to create smallest GPS tracker

Do you specifically want to make your own? You can already buy tiny and inexpensive vehicle trackers that combine GPS and GSM GPRS.

:) no i like to use arduino. its easy if i got a GPS+GSM shield for arduino nano. :)

I don't know whether there is a Nano format shield for that (perhaps there is, I don't know). It would be possible to use either a Nano - to - UNO shield adapter with a UNO format shield, or a separate board (not a shield).