Any solution for NANO 5v low when powered by Vin?

My NANO measured 3.64v at 5v pin when powered through Vin=7-12v.
measured 4.65v when used a USB, why and how to overcome?

There is no way to answer your question with the little information provided.

What are the specifications of the source connected to Vin (voltage , current capability)?

What else is connected to the Nano? Schematic, please, including all components and their part numbers and/or values and all power supplies.

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And also tell the forum that at the point that the Nano 5v pin measured 3.64v what was the actual measured voltage on Vin ?

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I guess I've told all info. except I didn't measured the current?


Appart from the answer to the question in post #3 ?

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So you are saying it measures 3.64 volts at Vin= 7v and at Vin=12v.

And as asked what supplied this voltage ?

Is that a genuine nano or a clone ( which may not meet the spec of a genuine board ).

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Here is power from the USB:

and here is power from the Vin adapter:

so the USB 5 V will be limitted by the voltage drop of the schottky diode, and the VIN 5 V will be limitted by the quality of the LM1117IMPX linear voltage regulator.

The voltage drop of both of these components will vary depending on how much current your circuit draws which will both be worse at higher currents.

So, an unhelpful solution is to reduce your current consumption. A slightly better one would be to develop your own 5 V supply by purchasing a 5 V voltage regulator that can handle high currents (i'm assuming a high current is the source of your problem here)

could you provide the circuit you a trying to run? or is this literally just from powering the board with nothing connected?

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So your saying that 'My NANO measured 3.64v at 5v pin' when the Vin supply pin was varied between 7v and 12v ?

How did you vary the Vin supply voltage ?

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I don't have a circuit, I was try to link a OLED, which use 3.3v, so did a measurement and found this result.

anyway, I searched out there are lot of this situations happened, I guess it is related to the manufacture of the board.

I assume you used the multimeter with TWO probes.

What’s connected to the white wire ?

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2 input wires and 2 multimeter wires

Which Oled.?
Most will work anywhere from 3v3 to 5V.

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What was the cause of your woes ?
No explanation yet ? Solved ? How ?

Is it possible that you’ve been playing, and smoked the module in the past ?

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