Anyone use Atmel JTAGICE3 to SWD with Zero?

I have been trying to connect to the Zero board via the SWD connector using a Atmel JTAGICE3 adapter. It can't find the chip (error 4109). I soldered in a header and connected the ribbon cable. Has anyone made this connection work?

BTW, the JTAGICE3 does work ok with the Uno and ICSP adapter (under Studio of course).

I want to used the SWD interface to experiment with the zero and confirm I can make my own SamD21 based boards with SWD interface for programming.


The JTAGICE3 should work with the SAMD chips. Have you updated the JTAGICE firmware with Atmel Studio? Have you the correct cable orientation? Do you apply power to the Arduino at the same time (JTAGICE don't power your board AFAIK) ?

Hello Dougjack,

I jave been wondering through that same set of issues. The Arduino Zero comes with a 10-pin micro JTAG header connecting to the Atmel EDBG chip and this should plug right in to your JTAGICE3. There are also pads for a 10-pin micro SWD interface which is a different pinout from the JTAG header. Atmel prrovides a mini-squid cable with the JTAGICE3 kit that is documented to work with the micro SWD.

Unfortunately, Atmel does not provide an adapter between the JTAGICE3 pinout and the SWD pinout so you will have to roll your own. This becomes a problem with the Arduino MKR1000 board which brings out the micro SWD interface into pins. There ought to be a simple five dollar adapter cable to do the job but nobody seems to make one yet.

Surely the Zero has already got an EDBG chip that controls the debugging. If you want to use a JTAGICE-3, you would need to disconnect the EDBG lines.

You should get an explanation of what to do via a regular SAMD21-XPRO manual.

I don't have a JTAGICE-3 but an ATMEL-ICE can talk to any Cortex chip. It is a regular CMSIS-DAP device. I suspect that the JTAGICE-3 would be the same but slower.

Keil and Rowley certainly work with EDBG.