Anyone want to write a quick script for a bit of cash? (via paypal)

Hey, I have an Arduino Uno and Duemilenove and I have recently purchased aENC28j60 ethernet shield from and have installed the proper library and stuff but the only things I can get to run on it are only the examples from that website, I have tryed many other librarys and other scripts that do compile but just dont work when I try then on my arduino.

I think its how the code is written in the examples that is verry difrent to other code examples.

If you would be willing to write me a little script that will let me connect via my web browser, and have the option to turn 5 pins high or low with simple push buttons that that would be amazing.

I dont know how much people write code for but i will be wiling to pay $10 for you to start writing the code and $10 when I have it and it works.

Or even if some one could tell me what im doing wrong ?


You could try the webserver I put up, for ENC28J60. Pretty much does exactly that. And it's free!

if some one could tell me what im doing wrong ?

The ENC28j60 is a much different chip than the one used on the Official Arduino Ethernet Shield, so it takes different libraries to run it, it consumes more memory, and none of the official examples will work. There was someone at one time working on a "unified" driver for the ENC28j60, so that it would use the same library calls to do the same things, but I don't think they got very far. Check here: