App Inventor 2

I was wondering if it is possible to send sensor data from the arduino using ethernet shield to my cell phone using app inventor 2. I am trying to send 4 sensor reading i have been all over the web to no avail and I dont want to controll the arduino or use bluetooth. I just want to send data one way to my app FROM the arduino. Please look at the screenshot to see the app. I could use some help.

If you want to communicate with arduino and app inventor 2 without bluetooth, you can try this application for android : you can download example send and received message

If you try it could you give me feedback.


Arduino Uno or Mega with ethernet shield apk phone control local wifi full project.
I spent a lot of time writing apk code, but the application I downloaded from the play store is working perfectly and it is cheap.(Note:There is two version apk application on play store old and new version I used old version because new version have some problems.

arduino code.txt (6.63 KB)