Approaching ESP32 from outside my wifi network

Dear Forum, I'm using a so-called Experia box V10a from the Dutch company KPN, that I use for internet, tv and phone.
I want to be able to access my ESP from outside my local network (basically from anywhere).
But KPN does not want to give instructions how to make port forwarding possible (they only give info how to connect your phone, tv and computer).
Does anyone have specific information about port forwarding in the Experia box?
Thanks a lot in advance,
Jan Jor

first google hit on

Experia box V10a user manual

gave me this link

They do mention the capability to setup a DMZ or Port Mapping

if you don't understand those concepts though, you might create a security risk for you home installation...

My webpage on Connecting DIY IoT devices to the Internet has some instructions on punching through your router to access an internal device. Most routers have this functionallity, but the setup menus will be different

Dear DRMPF, dear JML, thanks for your reply. I'm now trying to decipher the Experia user manual. It is however difficult stuff, and indeed; spoiling the present setting could cause problems with the internet.
I'll dive into the matter again.
Jan Jor

I recommend you investigate using a cloud service. This can solve multiple issues.

  • You do not need to open your network to incoming connections because all connections are initiated by your devices to the cloud service.

  • Your ISP typically assigns a new IP address to your home network on a regular basis. With a cloud service both your ESP and your phone/laptop connect to the cloud service. No need to find your public IP address every other day.

  • It also likely easier to secure the communication because the cloud service might already provide a ready solution.

Do they even give you a public IP? That box may be behind a NAT too.
Check the external IP reported by the box, google "what is my ip", and compare the two.

Dear drmpf, dear Klaus,
Sorry for the late response.
Klaus; you're right, through the cloud is much easier: I've googled a lot since your comment and I now use Telegram to get in contact with my ESP32. That can be done from anywhere in the world, and I don't have to dive into the Experia box router. (Much info on the combination ESP32 and Telegram in the internet).

DRMPF: thanks for sending the link to your web-page. Of course, my curiousity wins it from the "easy way out" tactics, and your clear manual gives me hope that the port forwarding trick through my router can be done in the end. This would also make it possible to make nicer lay-outs (many examples on Rui Santos'web-site

Thanks again to you both,

Jan Jor

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