Aquarium/Pond Monitor Help

I am new to arduino and can do most of the tutorial projects no problem but am having putting it all together. I would like to create a system that monitors my aquarium (and eventually my koi pond once i get it working on the aquarium). I would like to monitor water temp, 3 water sensors (to detect tank or filter leaks), air temp/humidity, light, and then display the current readings (of the temps/humidity/light) on a small screen and send data somewhere online (google sheet or something like that) so i can access it. Also send a txt if leak is detected. Was looking around and i think maybe using the Grove sensors might be easiest to wire this all up. Here were sensors i was thinking of using but im open to other options:

I have researched this a little and mostly i find people wanting to monitor & control their aquariums. I just want to be able to check on it remotely, get txt when it leaks, and keep track of the basic parameters to keep it running good. If somebody knows of same project as mine please point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Its all perfectly do-able , though the method to send out info to a remote device varies according to your needs.

I made an Arduino / Sim900 unit to sent a text to my mobile; you could use the web etc.

All your sensors look ok, though not sure of the need for the humidity sensors, never thought about adding one to any of my aquarium controllers ?

Best thing is to sit down and plan all your requirements then do each function one at a time, rather than trying to build them all together.

Suggest you start off with the DS18B20 sensor and a LCD as there are plenty of libraries and examples for them.

You can do a lot of testing on the cheap UNO and possibly use it for your final design but when ordering a LCD get one that connects via I2C so it only needs 2 i/o pins instead of 6 needed for the basic parallel type.
You can get them ready made or as an add on i2c module.

Also add to your list a Ds3231 RTC module and a small keypad to control (eventually) you lcd menu.