ArduIMU: First Arduino IMU test (ArduCopter)

Hello, i found a good family here in, is an excellent group of people trying to build an automatic airplane like me, they are helping me with the Arduino automatic pilot and the translation stuff. ::)

Info and source code here:

Don't forget read the comments, i explained a litte bit more about Kalman Filters.

Jordi ;)

That's really impressive code, Jordi. Since you are putting this into a heli, are you planning to make a single PCB to hold down weight? Perhaps a socketed ATmega168 and your sensors, nothing else?

Yes maybe, or perhaps a simple PCB with mini arduino slots on it. ;D I possible to use the same crystal for two atmegas168?

possible to use the same crystal for two atmegas168?

Crystal? I don't think so.

A TTL crystal oscillator, however, is a different story. With careful board layout you may be able to drive multiple inputs with an oscillator.

That will probably require fuse changes, though.


Yes the crystal oscillator (16mhz), CAN I USE one crystal for two atmegas 168??? :-/

OK here is the final version of the ArduIMU.

Video: -Yellow color = Just Accelerometer read -Red color= Accelerometer+Gyro+KalmanFIiter

Arduino Source Code:

Labview (ground station) source code:

I configured Arduino to externally adjust the accelerometer jitter filter and the gyro rate, using the nunchuck potentiometers (joystick axis). Now is working pretty well.

To do: -Integrate another Gyro (to make it dual axis). -A bank robbery, to buy all the components i need. -Program the SPI altimeter -And put all the hardware together and make it work (gps, altimeter, IMU, modem). -Making a PSP program to read serial data (using psp uart port). ::) to make a portable ground station. (but this is a secret)