Arduino 16x16 WS2812B led matrix

Good evening everyone.
I recently bought a 16x16 led matrix wich is this one
I'd like to know how to plug it (like if there's any capacitor or anything else to add) cause i've heard those leds are pretty fragile.
And if you know any tutorial on how to program it (i'm using an arduino mega 2560).


A 256-led ws2812b matrix is going to need a very big power supply! At least 15A @ 5V. Yes, a large cap, or several, of 1000uF would be very much advised. And good quality heavy guage wires for the power, connected at both ends of the matrix.

Your link does not work.

Ok, that link works.

Ok, thanks. Now waiting for the stuff to be shipped...
Tutorials ?

Try this