Arduino 180 RGB LED DIY wall clock

Here is my small project. Arduino based wall clock on 20cm x 20cm double sided board (toner transfer) with schematics, eagle files and arduino code
My second project with arduino
Hope you like it

More details & pictures:


Clock.rar (176 KB)](

The clock itself is impressive, but I'm pretty blown away by your ability to etch/drill/via that PCB not to mention the tediousness of soldering all of those LEDs on.

The sun god must have provided 20 assistants but the RGB LED cost is something else

Led's weren't that expensive. 250 LEDs for €22 from ebay, free postage All the vias were a pain, that's right. Not because of the soldering but it was boring. When I'm doing any layout, no Vias under the parts. That way it makes it much easier. And to solder the LEDs. I made my own PLCC6 case with the pads little bit out to make the soldering easier. No hassle at all

And also I didn't mention: Photoresistor for automatic brightness adjust DHT11 for temperature / humidity DS1307 real time clock with backup battery

Nice. Must have taken you some time and effort.

That is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing. Very inspirational.