Arduino 2DOF Simulator Problems


I have built a 2DOF simulator seat and only thing left is getting up and running wiper motors which i have connected with potentiometers. The thing is i used code and components from already done project, but the motors do not work right.

For example when pot value is lower than about 400-500 it just stops working what ever it is supposed to do. Also it ignores maximum value where it should stop. Altough pot readings are corresponding to code.

This is the project link:

I also tried this with same problems:

I would really appreciate anyones help

Thanks in advance!

Read carefully the project descriptions and you'll find reference to an Arduino motor shield, that is used to control DC motors. Pots are of little use herefore, as you noticed already.

I went trough whole project but did not find any useful information. Can you elaborate what you mean by that? I have exactly same hardware as project's author.

Thank you

What where “Your” Arduino measurements for potMini and potMaxi in your setup? How did you test to make sure the centered output of the potentiometers was aligned?

// defining the range of potentiometer's rotation
const int potMini=208;
const int potMaxi=815;

Where did “You” connect the pots? In the picture he shows them connected to A4 & A5
But his actual code looks for them elsewhere.

#define potL A0
#define potR A1

Well the pots have the same values so i guess it should behave the same.. but i have not measured anything and i dont know even how would i measure it if i need it..

I do have pots linked to A0 where it is also connected

Thank you for reply!