Arduino and ezLCD-105 RS232 TTL Communication Problems

Hey Guys,

So i have an: 1) Arduino Uno 2) cutedi RS232 shield 3) serial 9 pin cable 4) AM3X accelerometer ( 5) ezLCD-105. (

I have successfully connected the cutedigi shield onto the arduino by just stacking it and then connecting the accelerometer as described in the ling above. I used the sample code to establish a serial connection and have succeded. I have disconnected the usb cable to the pc and replaced it with a external powersource and a connection to a usb pors from the cutedigi RS232 with the use of a RS232 to usb adapter. Using the arduino serial monitor, i have verified that data is being transmitted on that COM port (i.e cutedigi is transmitting)

This leads me to believe that my error is on the ezLCD side.

Find all existing documentation for this product here: All the Rs232 code commands for the ezlcd are in the API file...

Some things i need clarifying:

1) How do you specify on the arduino or the ezlcd that it is a transmitter or receiver? (does it have something to do with handshaking) 2) Is the cutedigi RS232 shield RS232 TTL? 3) Is the chord for RS232 different from a chord for RS232 TTL? 4) Is it possible that the pins on the shield and the ezlcd are mirrored?

If i open the rs232 both on the same baudrate on both devices, it should work.... ezlcd has some other options like parity, handshaking nobits etc... but i am unsure what they have to be to communicate with the arduino....

HELP!!!! A very frustrated member.... Sorry if i have used the wrong terminology etc... im actually an aero eng and know nothing about electronics....

any help would be greatly appreciated...(apologies for the long post just trying to be thorough)