Arduino and gsm modems

Hey people. Which arduino (plz be specific) can be used with a gsm modem for a project. Also with sensors and IP cam/webcam. If anyone knows the name/model of gsm modem can you please specify too. I'm a newbee when it comes to electronic hardware. Hope I can get some help. Thanks.

almost every gsm module available on the market can be connected to a uC using a serial connection ( both hardware and software) so if you uC has a hardware serial connection or can run a library that provides a software serial connection your can connect the gsm module with your uC

all versions of arduino boards have at least 1 hardware serial (beside the mega which has 3) and could run the soft serial library which allows you to create more serial connections as for what module - gms modules can be kinda expensive this its a shield for arduino and you can chose what type of serial you want to use (hardware or software) but thats not the only one if you do a search on the forum youll find more information about models and what people usually use

as far as i know arduino its not that powerful to be used with an ip cam or a web cam - but i may be wrong

Search Siemens TC35, I think the chipest one

yeah that seems to be the cheapest module but you just get the module youll still need to build a board (since it uses a 40pin zif connector) also i wasn't able to find a complete datasheet of the module with schematics and such - some ebay shoppes say they have full documentation but you never know until you but it :P