Arduino and GSM Network with Router?

Hello i know this topic been talked about before and a lot of it i don't understand. But I will try to ask my question. Is it possible to do a arduino gsm with router. So i can connect multiple arduino With Ethernet shields on them and have that data go to the net. So if i type a ip address and port i can see any the data coming from that arduino. Okay yes i can get a Hope spot and and connect it to my router and do the same thing. But i would like to control the gsm to turn it on and off if i need to and I'm adding Bluetooth to i as well. Just trying to figure this out as i go along. Can someone please help me out on this?

Thank you.

What I'm trying to do is I have 4 of arduino and Ethernet shields with sensors on them they are hooked to a network router. Where they are now use to be internet it's off now. So basically i can not go to them to look at the sensors of each one on it's Server webpage. Is it possible i can use a Gsm shield to As as a Internet connection to the router to give so i can go to the web pages that are on the arduino? I do know the gsm ip address and information as well as dns and gateway. But what i do not know is how to hook it up to a router as internet. I'm not talking about using it for surfing the net and stuff Just trying to get the data from the webpages. The gsm from the phone company gives unlimited 2g access to the net or 3g at 20gb of data. So even at 2g is more then enough.