arduino and linux

Hi, i always use my laptop with Ubuntu to program Arduino. Yesterday i reinstalled the operating system and this morning i've installed the arduino ide. There is a problem because in the bottom i can read "Arduino UNO on COM1" but i'm on Ubuntu! Why Com1?!? i've tried to reinstall Arduino IDE three-four times but there is still this problem. I've installed the linux 32 bit version. Obviously i can't upload project on my board and i cannot click on "Serial port" from the menu of the ide. Please help me. Thanks. :)

Did you read this?

Yes , i tried to install arduino by downloading the .targz but nothing. Then i used the terminal command sudo apt-get arduino arduino code but nothing! I can't understand why there is written "COM1" instead of dev/... EDIT: I've solved my problem thanks to this : THANKS mart256