Arduino and Royaltek RBT-1000 Bluetooth GPS

Hi There, I'm currently trying to connect my Arduino Diecimila to my Bluetooth GPS (Royaltek RBT-1000) which is actually a Bluetooth GPS.

I found that the Bluetooth receiver has a 6PIN connector underneath the battery and I assume that i can get power as well as Nmea data out of this connector.

I have searched for a Pin description but not found any on the web. Has anyone of you an idea how to find out which pin has which function?

Cheers Chris

I've opened up my cheap and nasty bluetooth GPS and I have found a similar thing inside it. A row of test pads providing serial and power neatly between the bluetooth controller and the gps module. :)

For the power just pull out your multimeter. The serial is a little trickier.

Basically pull out the chip in your Arduino, and open up the serial monitor. Then run a wire from RX and try each pin. When you see gibberish (or NEMA if you have the right settings) you've got it.

THanks a lot ... i will try it this weekend and then post the results :)

Hello ... i tried the pins with a multimeter now and found the following pins.

PIN1 - (not known) PIN2 - GND PIN3 - +2,8V PIN4 - +3,2V PIN5 - (not known) PIN6 - (not known)

The strange thing is that the battery of the gps has 3,7 Volts but I can just measure a maximum of 3,2V.

  • After that I removed the chip from the Arduino board and tried every pin via the RX line.
  • The serial monitor did not show any reaction :-/

Does anybody have a clue? or maybe I did something wrong?

(the arduino board was powered from USB at the serial tests)

thanks a lot Chris