Arduino and SD card without shield

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I'm making my own PCB with DHT11 and SD card.Can this work for writing humidity and temperature to SD card?

SD cards and resistive dividers generally do not work, in the rare cases when it does, it is card and processor dependent. Far better to use a level translator like this one:

Micro SD breakout board

Don't be fooled by the part number, that is the modern 74HC4050, not the ancient CD4050 cmos part.

What about this?

What about it? It's bi-directional level shifter specifically designed for I2C devices.

Will it work with SD card?

I think you need to do your own research. What interface standard does an SD card use?

Hi Nikola19992.

Is the Arduino (or a 328), DHT11 and the SD card all the hardware you want to use ?
If so, you might want to consider to put all of them to the same 3.3 volt power which would also put the datalines to 3.3 volt logic level.
You'd have to slow down the Arduino (depending on what Arduino you are using), and tell the IDE you are doing that.
But that doesn't need to be a problem.
Read datasheets of all the components you want to use to see if this is possible (it would if DHT11 and SD card are the only peripherals, according to their datasheets)

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