Arduino as MIDI for laser harp

Hey everyone.

This is my second post on the project my group and I are working on. We would like to make a framed laser harp with 35 lasers on a musical chromatic scale. Thus it will use both Laser diodes and Photodiodes (ones to emit, another ones to receive the signal). It needs to be able to control the dynamics (the pitch, volume, fade, etc.) of the sound.

I would like to implement the use of Arduino as a MIDI controller or a MIDI device, so that we could connect it to something like a laptop or a Raspberry Pi with a MIDI interface program to be able to control the dynamics of the sound from Raspberry PI. Having a raspberry pi would be a better option because anyone who wishes to play doesn't have to connect their own laptop and stuff.

Our laser harp has 5 independent sections with 7 lasers on each section, thus we will use 5 Arduino boards to control each section of the harp. But we will connect those sections together to a common power source and a common MIDI interface program.

Does it sound like a good way to go? Can you all please help out on how to start designing and etc. ?