Arduino as simple SSR (Solid State Relay)

Hi ;) I have an idea about using Arduino as SSR for drive simple ( low voltage and amperage ) devices such as turn on/off a PC. consider that if we can connect 2 pins of Arduino by coding its be possible. example : if touch "pin 8" Or press a button that connected to "pin 8" then connect "pin2" and "pin4"

Is this possible ? I searched the web but cant find anything :( in many cases SSR chip used. but [u]if we have a code for connect 2 pins of Arduino[/u] it is possible very simple with arduino of course only for low voltage and amperage cases.

An Arduino can control an SSR but it can't be an SSR without external components. So you might as well just buy an SSR and save yourself trouble.

Individual Arduino I/O pins can only source or sink about 20 milliamps continuously or 40 mA max. That isn't even enough to power the coil in a convential relay. And Arduino pins can only operate between 0 and 5v and anything outside that range will probably damage the Arduino.


If your goal is to tun on a PC (simulate pressing the power button) you can do it with an opto coupler or a small reed relay.

TNX alot :P I used : PS2501-1 Optocoupler or FRL648D05 Relay IC