Arduino AVR Board Issue

I am using IDE 1.6.9....... And after updating Arduino AVR Boards to v. 1.6.12, I can no longer uplload to board. Going back to v. 1.6.11 and it works again.

Tried this on Arduino Mega2560 and Nano. Same result.

Any idea?

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Why are you using Arduino IDE 1.6.9?

Why are you using Arduino AVR Boards 1.6.12?

There have been some problems with backwards compatibility of Arduino AVR Boards and other hardware packages in the past. You can be reasonably certain that the version of the package bundled with the IDE will be fine but updating can be problematic. I have done some work to try to ensure backwards compatibility but since you're not using the latest AVR Boards version you might not be benefiting from those changes. I'm could most likely figure out the specific problem you're encountering but I'll wait for your reply to my questions above to see whether that information would even be relevant.

Wait, wasn't 1.6.12 AVR boards the one that came with IDE 1.6.10, the one that was all sorts of broken?

Use 1.8.2 and the boards package that comes with that - it works great.

You're right DrAzzy! That one had the buggy AVRDUDE version, probably the cause of this problem.

I agree IDE 1.8.2 has been good. The only problem I can think of is the Linux install script has a problem that's causing a lot of bug reports but that's a super easy fix and doesn't affect any other OS.

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