Arduino bluetooth and usb scale

Hi, i have project in which i have to build digital weight scale with usb and bluetooth communication with phone, teblet or desktop computer.

I found thesse sensors on sparkfun electronic-

My question is what equipment i need besiede arduino (and can i use arduino mini) and theese sensors to build such device, and is it even possible with arduino?

Device would work like this:

1) we plug in device on usb or connect via bluetooth 2) we start software 3) we put something on device 4) software displays wieght result

Thank you for your time and best regards

Yea it's doable, but sending the data to a table or smart phone will be a little complicated. The Arduino mini should do fine and the bluetooth module should work too. As for what BT module you should get, I recommend a JY-MCU Slave module. HERE.

I also took a lot at your sensor and I didn't see any sample codes, so Im not sure how if it will work with just a simple analogRead or not.

Hi, Did you ever finish your project anakin?

I'm trying to build similar project, but was looking for different setup. Is it possible to combine Blend Micro (or Nano) with an INA128P amp and some digital kitchen scale load cells together? `