Arduino BT extra analog pins

I have eight FSR sensors that I want to attach to an Arduino BT board. By default, there are only 6 analog pin headers, but I read somewhere that there are two extra pins (pin 7 and 8) where I can solder an extra pair of pin headers. So, I hook up my FSRs are I try to read from each sensor using analog read. The first six sensors work fine, but the sensors hooked up to the new pin headers are being troublesome. By default, pin 8 is always receiving voltage even when the FSR has no pressure applied to it. Additionally, when I apply pressure to pin 7, pin 8's reading spikes. Can anyone give me insight into what the heck is going wrong here? It's not the FSRs (I checked them with another analog pin and they seem to be working just fine). I also checked the soldering, and that doesn't seem to be an issue.

Alternatively, is there a way for me to use the digital pins to read from the FSRs (this is not the preferable solution but if I'm unable to get these extra analog pins to work, I wouldn't mind consider using them).